Trevor James SR Series Tenor Saxophone Pre-loved

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Launched in January 2011 the Trevor James 'SR' tenor has been developed in close cooperation with sax players around the World such as Andy Sheppard and Tony Rico Richardson amongst the many.

Using the hand built professional Signature Custom models as the template, the 'SR' tenor has taken on many of the mechanism and crook features that were previously only available to professional players. The results are very free blowing tenor saxophones with rich tonal characteristics. 

 "Positively creamy. It's not without sparkle though, but it's a gentle sparkle ‐ not so much like the fizz you'd get from Champagne, rather it's the more subtle bubbles you'd find in a glass of freshly‐poured Guinness. And Guinness is a good analogy, it captures this horn's inherent laid‐back smokiness. You can pep up the fizz by putting a bright mouthpiece on this horn, and it will sing for you, but you'd be missing out on its forte ‐ it's got mainstream jazzer written all over it...."

Stephen Howard..Author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual

  • Professionally designed crook modifications producing a wide and open sound
  • Strengthened crook receiver
  • Larger body bore for excellent projection
  • Redesigned rounded keywork with dished table keys for a faster, smoother playing action
  • Professionally designed key tail assemblies for additional venting stability
  • Traditional real Mother of Pearl touch pieces
  • Top quality leather pads
  • Metal pad reflectors which give a dynamic & full bodied tone with crisp attack
  • Blue needle springs
  • Additional adjusting screws for finer playing adjustments
  • Designed and set-up in our pro-sax workshop in Lenham, Kent
  • Top quality Impact case
  • BG neck strap.
  • Good quality Mouthpiece 
  • BG cap
  • BG flex ligature
  • Vandoren reed