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Cort CM15R 15W Guitar Amp

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The Cort CM15R 15 Watt Guitar Amplifier provides the perfect starting point for any guitar player.

Whether you are an entry-level player or a seasoned pro in need of a highly portable and great sounding amplifier for practice sessions, the CM Series amps offer a wide range of features with excellent sounds for a variety of musical applications.


The all-new exterior exudes class and sophistication with multi-color tolex options (black, dark blue or dark red) accented with cream tolex on top and front and cream-colored knobs. Handsome and compact, the new design offers easy portability as well as easy access to the recessed controls on top.

Cort CM15R Guitar Amp new Exterior Design


The CM15R offers a wide range of clean and overdrive sounds with a sparkling clean channel and a rich-sounding overdrive channel with independent gain and volume controls and a 3-band EQ with the treble, middle and bass knobs specifically tailored to the sonic range of the electric guitar. The gain control provides a wide range of overdrive from bluesy crunch to over-the-top modern distortion. The push-button channel selector allows you to switch from the clean channel to overdrive/distortion channel and back easily, making the CM15R a very versatile amp in its class.

Cort CM15R Guitar Amplifier Sound Contols


The built-in digital reverb adds lush ambience to your guitar sounds, making your practice sessions that much more enjoyable and effective.

Cort CM15R Guitar Amp Reverb Control


The compact 8” speaker is efficient with plenty of power-handling capacity and can get surprisingly loud, making it ideal for practice with other band members in a controlled volume environment. The sound is clear and balanced, allowing your playing style and character to come through without coloration.

Cort CM15R Custom 8" Speaker


The Auxiliary input allows you to connect your smartphone or digital music player to the amplifier and play along with your favorite music. The headphone jack can be used to practice late at night or in quiet environments, making the CM15R a versatile amp that can be used in variety of playing situations.

Cort CM15R Auxiliary In and Headphone Out


  • Cort CM15R 15 Watt RMS Guitar Amplifier
  • Clean & Overdrive Channels with Selector Switch
  • 3 Band EQ
  • Digital Reverb
  • Custom 8" Speaker @ 8 Ohms
  • Auxiliary In
  • Headphone Out
  • 305 x 315 x 190mm
  • 6 Kg
  • All New Exterior available in 3 Colours: Black, Dark Blue & Dark Red