Dr Ducks Uke Practical Chord Chart

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Each key starts out showing you how to play the major, major 7th, minor, minor 7th., and a Barred version of the major chord --- from there, in various keys the chord diagrams also show 5ths. and 6ths., some keys show how to play 9ths., .. other keys have diminished, suspended, or additional Barre chord positions . some have dominant 7/9's, others show you how to play 11ths. ..etc. -

Chords that you can use in a jamming or working musical environment

The perfect addition to any learning tool or publication on the market - drilled for 3 ring notebooks ..

Side #1 = "The Practical Ukulele Chord Chart"

 How to play ukulele chords in all 12 keys

 3 hole drilled to fit in a notebook.

 Each chord diagram shows you where to put which finger on the fretboard, which open strings to play - or not to play and which fret to Barre for the Barre chords - Ex




 Keys are listed from the top of the chart to the bottom in "Fifths" - (Ex: the top row are chords in the key of C, then comes G, D, A, E, etc.)

 8 1/2" X 11" - 16 point Recycled Card Stock - Full Color on both sides - UV Plastic Coated

 No music reading is necessary to use either side of the "Practical Ukulele Chord and Fretboard Chart"

 Chord diagrams in each key include the major, major 7th, minor, minor 7th., - other chord diagrams show 5ths., 6ths., 7/9's, 9ths., 11ths. diminished, suspended, Barre chord positions in various keys thru out the chart.

 The chord explanation on side 2 says - "As you barre any chord position up and down the neck in 1/2 steps (one fret at a time) - the name of the chord will be called the same name as the notes are called - and in the same progression as the notes are positioned on the fretboard Ex: a barred "E" chord ascending the fretboard = E, F, F#, G, G#, A, etc ..

 Made in the USA

 Bar coded for retail scanners.

Side #2 = "Ukulele Fretboard, Tuning and General Information"

 For use with Soprano (standard), Concert and Tenor Ukuleles.

 Has the names of each note on the ukulele fretboard up to the 15th. fret - Color coded for naturals, sharps and flats.

 Explains that for every sharp, there is a flat that represents the same note/chord.

 The 1st. and 3rd. strings go up and down the fretboard in sharps

 The 2nd. and 4th. strings go up and down the fretboard in flats

 Explains "Ascending the Fretboard" - vs - "Descending the Fretboard"

 Explains "Half Steps" - vs - "Full / Whole Steps"

 Shows diagrams for the 5 major chord positions - F, C, G, D and A

 Explains as you Barre (bar) any of the chord diagrams or any other chord diagram from "The Practical Ukulele Chord Chart" side ..the name of the Barre chords will be called the same names as the notes are called - and in the same progression (order) as the notes are positioned on the fretboard.

 Shows how to read tab..both single notes and chords with diagrams