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JVB Acoustic Guitar Strings Phosphor Bronze Polymer Coated


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JVB Premium Polymer Coated Strings are covered with a very thin microscopic layer of polymer uniformly across the entire length of the string. The thinner coatings are more transparent to tonal changes.

JVB Premium Polymer Coated Strings are treated with an envionmentally safe polymer liquid that evaporates quickly.

The polymer coating lubricates and protects against premature oxidization and corrosion. It is not a plastic coating and will not fray.

JVB Premium Polymer Coated Strings helps to improve the tone of the strings and lasts 3 to 4 times longer than regular strings.

Easy to tune and stay in tune longer the polymer coating does not supress the natural vibrations of the strings to provide you with one of the best strings made in the USA.