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Getting the best out of a learning experience requires four basic understandings of how one learns how to learn.

  1. Dont bite of more than you can easily achieve, in other words take an easy gradient, getting to the top of a ladder is done in many steps not one giant leap. All great artists began with playing one note or chord !
  2. Make sure you don't go past a word you don't fully understand. As every subject has its own particular technology, music is no different, music has many words, symbols and concepts that must be fully understood. The moment you get confused or tired or want to give up it's because you have gone past a word, symbol or concept you didn't fully understand. A music dictionary is a valuable resource.
  3. Make sure you have a decent instrument, and one that is setup, regulated and in tune by a professional technician, the difference can make or break a student. It's so important for the beginner as they have no reference as to what is good and what is not, only through experience does one become knowledgeable as to what is a problem of the instrument and what is the problem of the player.
  4. Have fun, don't get to serious, keep the spirit of play high and enjoyable.

Get in touch with as many teachers as you feel the need to make your selection.

Some points to make a note of in selecting are

  • Different teachers have different styles of technique
  • Some specialise in certain age groups
  • Can use a particular set of tutorial books
  • May prefer to teach particular styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical, Contemporary Etc


Russell Collins

PS Support your local music scene, it's were you live, work and play.


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