AMEB Flute Series 4 Grade 2


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AMEB Flute Series 4 Grade 2 provides teaching and learning opportunities for beginner flautists.

Broad and diverse range of repertoire styles, including an AMEB commissioned composition, encourage students to engage with introductory techniques and skills for playing the flute.

Compiled, edited and published by AMEB–Australia's leading music education and examining organisation.

• Repertoire researched and curated by the acclaimed Australian Flautist and educator Jocelyn Fazzone.
• Logical educational progressions that align the expectation of each grade level's comprehension and musicality.
• A broad and stylistically diverse selection of flute repertoire. Including pieces by Australian and female composers and arrangers.
• Early introduction to techniques and concepts for playing the flute to encourage students to develop vital technical skills.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review