Artec WSHD Humbucker Soundhole Pickup with External Output Jack in Maple


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Product Overview

The Artec WSHD (Wood Soundhole Humbucker) pickup is a wooden passive humbucker magnetic soundhole pickup. This pickup is available in two Output Configurations (OSJ - External Output Jack) or (EPC - Internal Output Jack)

WSHD has an internal string balanced bobbin and has a real solid wood cover. A ceramic magnet is used to get clear and sensitive string response. Special gauge formvar coil is wound with exact turns and DC Resistance for the natural acoustic-electric guitar sound.

The WSHD pickup is produced for simple installation on your guitar. This pickup’s size is specially measured and produced to fit many different sizes of guitars, and mounts quickly and easily in the sound hole of any round-hole steel string acoustic guitar. WSHD`s mounting brackets keep the pickup in place and protect the soundhole.

WSH is carefully produced so that the original natural acoustic guitar sound is not affected. This pickup offers excellent bass and mid-range response.


  • Solid Wood Cover: Maple
  • Bobbin: Humbucker
  • Pole Piece: Internal String Balanced Bobbin
  • Pole Piece Pitch: 10mm
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Passive
  • External mount Nickel plated Output Jack with 60cm cable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review