Guitar For kidz Bk2

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After the skills and knowledge gained from Volume 1, this 38 page book is the next step that reinforces and extends the student's solo repertoire and technique with a wide range of simple songs that help produce a self-sufficient style on guitar . This includes right-hand arpeggio piecesas well as the two-part solos which centre upon various musical situati ons that require the playing of simultaneous melody and bass parts. Thisbook is also used very effectively to augment general study from a majo r tutor book like The Art of Classical Guitar Volume 1 ? it gives some variety to the type of tasks being set by a teacher that is also motivating for the student. The contents of the book, all in standard music notation, are set out in three distinct sections and are best studied in this order: Two Parts ? non-coincidental, using rest stroke ? Two Parts ? coincidental, using free stroke ? Two parts ? coincidental, using rest stroke.