Hohner Unsere Lieb-linge 32 Harmonica Octave Tuned

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Octave tuned harmonicas employ the same horizontal division of the wood comb openings as tremolo tuned harmonicas. However the upper and lower notes are tuned exactly an octave apart, resulting in a full powerful sound without any tremolo beats.

The traditional Unsere Lieblinge series has been popular with young and old for generations and is particularly suited to playing Folk music. The curved body fits perfectly to the lips and hands and is exceptionally comfortable to play. This harmonica is octave tuned to Just Intonation (suitable for playing chords). Maple wood combs and high-quality reed plate, guarantees a warm, full sound. Filigree embossing on the elegantly shaped stainless steel covers ensures that these models look really great. Our Unsere Lieblinge harmonicas are available in three sizes and three different keys overall, each with a different tonal range. The Hohner Unsere Lieblinge32 Octave Harmonica comes in the key of C only