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Ortega Horse Kick Pro Digital StompBox

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The Ortega Horse Kick Pro Digital Stomp Box is a great stand alone percussion instrument or great tool for guitarists, singers, street performers or any other musician wanting to add a percussive element to their music. Featuring 5 digital samples of real percussion sounds, the Horse Kick Pro is way ahead of any other analog/acoustic stomp boxes. Sampled Sounds include Bass Cajon, Bass Kick Drum, Cowbell, Cabassa & Tambourine.


  • Digital Percussion Stomp Box with 5 Sounds
  • Sampled Sounds: A. Bass Cajon, B. Bass Drum C. Cowbell D. Cabassa E. Tambourine
  • Solid Sapele Housing
  • Non Slip Base Coating
  • Velocity sensitive for an expressive experience
  • Seamless Volume Contol to adjust percussion sound. (Blend the sound without affecting instrument signal)
  • 6.3mm (1/4") Output & Input Jack
  • Powered by 9v Battery or Power Supply
  • Power Supply included