Yamaha U30BL 131cm Premium Pre-Loved Upright Piano

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Yamaha U30BL premium Pre-Loved upright piano, Polished Ebony

The Yamaha U30BL is essentially a premium version of the U3 model, the industry standard for high quality and valued instrument.
The U3 is the most popular piano for schools, institutions, conservatoires and more.
With a new retail price of around $14 000, an as new, U30BL at around half the price offers family affordability to teachers and homes alike.
With Japanese built quality and materials, the U30BL has a long service life.

Our pianos are in an as new condition and, while you can buy U series pianos in the market at much lower prices, be aware that they are usually very well worn and in need of repairs or rebuild, even if the casework appears to be in excellent condition.

Collins Music have been a specialty piano sales & service company since 1946, and a Yamaha dealer since the 1970's.

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